An interior is really finished when the right accessories are in the right place. And you may have already discovered that this is easier said than done. But not with our range of design accessories that include the famous Eames House Bird in white and black. Because we only want to offer the most exceptional products, our range is more diverse than what you would expect from a design furniture webshop. But everything is possible online. And that is why we also dare to offer what we love most.

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Designs for now and for the future!

Discover for yourself which unique interior accessories can be found in our product range. Set the tone with the Eames House Bird - one of the home accessories that we have come to love immensely.

More than fifty years ago, Charles and Ray Eames came up with the idea of ​​designing an accessory that could symbolize their passion for travel. At any time that the couple did not have to work, they could be found abroad. Whether for design inspiration or relaxation.

The Eames Bird, the first home accessory origin of the design duo, reflects the freedom that the couple felt. It symbolized the desire to explore the world. And the couple was happy to do that. Nowadays this endeavor is far from rare and we all want to explore the world. Whether it is Asia, South America or Spain: we all recognize the thought of Charles and Ray Eames applied to the Eames accessory.

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