In the winter you don't want to be without it. And in the summer it is a beautiful accessory.

The beautiful sheepskins from our range help you to get a great design accessory at home. We believe that an authentic and responsible sheepskin fits into any modern design. With several unique models in stock you can find the type of coat that warms you up at Designerchairs24!

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Bring just that extra piece of heat into your home

All our sheepskins come from Icelandic sheep and are obtained in a fully responsible manner. We understand how important it is to keep the origin of the sheepskins transparent. And as one of the few design webshops, we have chosen to make this clear to all visitors. You want to buy a sheepskin that has a responsible origin. And this coat, originating from Icelandic sheep, fully complies with this.

But why would you bring a sheepskin home? What is so great about sheepskins?

If it is up to us, the warmth of the sheepskin is the main reason to buy one of these sheets. Apart from the fact that the sheets can actually provide heat, it also has a warm appearance. Every time you look at the sheets, you will get a feeling of warmth. There are few accessories that are capable of this. Can be combined with your designer furniture! What makes these sheepskins so much fun is that you can easily combine them with your current furniture.

The sheepskin simply looks beautiful on the couch, chair or even on the ground. A quality coat does not have to exaggerate to impress. The quality of this sheepskin is so high that it manages to improve every piece of furniture. All our sheepskins are residual products and the sheep is therefore not slaughtered for the fur. That is why we can proudly say that all sheepskins have entered our assortment in an ecologically responsible manner.