It is a design furniture that you will not be the first to think of when you design your study or living room: the daybed.

This luxurious lounger used to be reserved exclusively for the most prosperous design enthusiasts among us. Nowadays, anyone who pays for it can get a daybed. As far as we are concerned, Designerchairs24 offers the best and most outstanding daybed ever designed. We are of course talking about the Mies van der Rohe Barcelona daybed.

Van der Rohe had an eye for detail at a young age and that is clearly reflected in the finish of the Barcelona Daybed. For everyone who is considering a daybed and attaches great value to quality, this is the ultimate design lounger.

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This is why you have to buy a designer daybed

Of all the furniture from our design furniture webshop, we dare to say that the Barcelona Daybed is the most special. This recliner has a very special appearance and invites you to a power nap.

Imagine that you can stretch out on this daybed after a long day of work. Then you will really relax! This power juice machine is not only comfortable but also a feast for the eyes. And it is therefore the perfect finish for any interior. From modern to vintage!

Free shipping, returns and a two-year warranty

If you shop online at Designerchairs24, you can count on high-quality designer furniture. We guarantee this because we give a no less than two year guarantee on all our products. So also on the Barcelona Daybed by Mies van der Rohe!