Most people don’t notice the important role that lighting plays in an interior. A simple light can light up a room. Without sufficient lighting the other elements of your interior won’t come to full fruition. Why would you buy expensive interior without giving it the light it needs? That is exactly why we’ve assembled an extensive collection of designer lighting to pair with your furniture. Some of these designer pieces stand on their own and some should be combined with one of our designer chairs or sofas.

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Be bold with your lighting

Most of the products you will find in our lightning section are chosen because they represent something. These bold lamps have no problem of leaving a lasting impression. And that is exactly what you want to do with your lighting. By using different colors and materials our lightning section is a combination of many different styles. This gives you the opportunity to design the interior that you’ll fit right in.

We want to motivate you to go out of your way to combine our design lightning with furniture that resembles your own style. If you want to be bold, you should. And we’re there to help you get there.

Discover if you’ve found your light

We understand that buying lightning, especially from a designer, is something that takes time. Especially if you’re not able to see the lightning in person first. That is why we have flexible return terms so you can take enough time to get used to your lightning. Not satisfied? We’re happy to help you return your designer lightning to us and offer alternatives you can use to lighten up your interior.